Fire Prevention

West Glens Falls Fire Prevention Trailer

The West Glens Falls Volunteer Fire Company’s Fire Prevention team is made up of volunteer firefighters that join together to endeavor to teach children of every age the skills they need to recognize, react to, and to escape from a situation involving fire. 

Students are also taught to recognize some hazards that might be encountered around the home. Within the “Fire Prevention / Safety House” there is a kitchen, living room, and bedroom in which to present and discuss different safety topics. After visiting each area, the students are offered the option of going through the trailer in a staged fire scenario, while accompanied by a firefighter. 

This scenario utilizes a fog machine to pump “Hollywood Smoke” (a mix of sugar and water) into the trailer. The students are then taught how to keep low and crawl through, exit the trailer, and go to their “Meeting Place”. We also offer fire extinguisher training, where the students are taught to use the correct extinguisher and how to operate them. 

Pressurized water cans and a BullEx Fire demonstration board are used in the hands on extinguisher training. Providing there is enough space, the Fire Prevention / Safety House can brought to your site or, if not, arrangements may be made to have the presentation performed at our West Glens Falls station #1.

Contact Phone Number: (518) 804-5452